Monday, September 17, 2007

I need three TVs, each with its own DVD recorder or equivalent

Monday September 17

7.30-8 ABC -- The 7.30 Report
7.30-8.30 Channel 10 -- Australian Idol: Monday Night Verdict
8.00-8.30 ABC -- Australian Story
8.30-9.20 ABC -- Four Corners
8.30-9.30 Channel 7 -- City Homicide
8.30-9.30 Channel 10 -- Law & Order: SVU
9.20-9.35 ABC -- Media Watch
9.30-10.30 Channel 7 -- Criminal Minds
9.30-10 SBS -- World News
9.35-10.35 ABC -- Enough Rope (with Robson Green -- *swoons*)
10.10-10.35 phone call from a beloved
10.30-11.30 Channel 7 -- Boston Legal
10.35 -- 11.10 ABC -- Lateline


sigmund marx said...

How do you get so much reading done, if you are watching all these shows? Maybe you don't sleep much...

Fyodor said...

Blimey. My wife and I looked at the TV schedule and struggled to find ANYTHING worth watching, apart from Californication. And we Wacky Funsters couldn't be arsed waiting* for it to start at 9.30pm so went to bed at the godly hour of 9pm after watching half an hour of Paul Barry's moralising drivel on Four Corners.

* We taped it, obviously.

Jonathan Shaw said...

Wow! I saw that same line-up, thought, "Nothing on the box," and curled up with a good graphic novel. Wednesday night is a very different story, though it's manageable now that House and Medium are gone.

ThirdCat said...

I have asked for Boston Legal on DVD for my birthday and/or Christmas. It ruins the whole week staying up so late on Monday night. But we can't stop ourselves, even if they are repeats.

PS You don't watch the whole idol verdict, do you? You only need the last ten minutes or so.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Sigmund, reading's my work -- I read all day and for an hour after I go to bed! Also it's only Monday nights, and only when I feel like watching TV which is by no means all the time.

Fyodor, I thought about Californication too, but it seemed scheduled to go for 40 mins to accommodate the Emmys (which I would also have quite liked to watch) and I assumed Ten would just incomprehensibly hack bits out to make it fit, rather than sacrifice any ads. Also, I never go to bed before midnight. But I have had a soft spot for Baul Barry ever since Alan Bond ripped his business card out of his hand, threw it on the ground and trampled on it, and Barry said 'Ah, you do remember me.'

Jonathan, at first blush the words 'graphic novel' are to me an oxymoron confirming that you and I have no cultural tastes in common, and then you go and spoil it by lamenting that House and Medium are gone, which I too have not yet recovered from.

3C, yes, the last 10 (well, 15, given how much they drag it out) min of Idol is definitely more than enough. Re BL, did you not just adore Denny and Alan in their flamingo outfits?

Mandy Patinkin is in Criminal Minds, and I have been a slavish fan ever since I saw him sing a one-man concert here at the Adelaide Cabaret Festival last year. Actually it's a pretty good show anyway. Law & Order SVU I have no excuse for.

Fyodor said...

Baul Barry is a handy typo, as he's much given to bawling-as-documentary. I knew as soon as he found that unfortunate black community in Cleveland that it was game on for the sob squad, and only a matter of time before he flicked the switch to gospel. Gawd.

Your comment about graphic novels is very interesting, because surprising, from one so elaborately erudite as ye. I assume you have not read any?

Pavlov's Cat said...

'I assume you have not read any?'

Fyodor, you surprise and wound me. I would not on principle trash something I didn't know anything about; the scholarly training forbids it. Besides, it's mainly the term I dislike, not the form so much. A novel is by definition a great big bunch of words. Words that are, like, not pictures. I hate the nonsensical expression 'non-fiction novel' for exactly the same reason.

And how do you know that Baul Barry was a typo? I mean, it was, but it could just as easily have been a deliberate pun, right? Right?

lucy tartan said...

I liked the fortuitous Baul Barry, however he came to be.

I don't like the term 'graphic novel' either, but on different grounds - it's pleonastic. Still it's better than 'sequential visual art' or some of the other things they're called.

Fyodor said...

"Fyodor, you surprise and wound me."

About time. It seems like I've been waiting forever in the queue.

Mais, réellement, ma chère, most graphic novels DO have lots of words in them...just lots of pictures as well.

While I think the term "novel" is misapplied to many works in the genre, I cannot imagine the works of Alan Moore or Neil Gaiman, for instance, as anything other than novelistic and intensely literary. The fact that their novels also exploit a visual medium is suitably conveyed in the descriptor "graphic".

"And how do you know that Baul Barry was a typo? I mean, it was, but it could just as easily have been a deliberate pun, right? Right?"

No way, Josephine. If it HAD been deliberate, it would have been punnier, if not funnier.

"I don't like the term 'graphic novel' either, but on different grounds - it's pleonastic."

You make it sound like a bad thing, Miss Tartan. Or career advice.


Your doorbitch is Hungarian?

TimT said...

I don't like the term 'graphic novel' either, but on different grounds - it's pleonastic.

I don't mind pleonasms, if it's with the right person...

Anonymous said...

Just call 'em comics and be done with it, eh?

fifi said...

jqbxanieah, television , the thief of time.
never watch it myself, I find it hard enough to jam everything into my day as it is.

My parents always have it murmring in the background, maybe that's why I hate it......

Francis Xavier Holden said...

no comment

JahTeh said...

A perfect night Pav, Robson Green even without a wet silk shirt and the flamingos, joy.

ThirdCat said...

and so, have you been able to fit in the Brownlow Medal count this week? Bloody fascinating television that is.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oops, forgot.

Who won?