Sunday, August 19, 2007

You'd think, would you not, that these things would raise their heads one at a time

Today I have been forced to think about the Four Big Things -- love, money, music and death -- and by 'forced' I mean exactly that: invisible forces have taken me by the scruff of the neck and shoved my face up against them, as up against a mirror.

And as Whatladder would say, 'Okay, I think my head asplode.'


Bernice said...

In my experience, they seem to roam together in a sort of horsemen of the apocalypse trick riding routine. Best viewed from under a doona with a week's worth of milk & tea laid in.

The Devil Drink said...

Time for a country song, PC.

Bernice said...

Or a couple of hours at the Simpsons Movie site, playing Wrecking Ball.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, Bernice, they do indeed seem to go together. And DD is correct, it is time for a country song. Here's the one I heard Kasey Chambers sing when she was the support act for Emmylou Harris in the Thebarton Town Hall in Adelaide's inner west a few years ago, post-The Captain but pre-Not Pretty Enough, and said she'd been following the rules for writing a country song -- 'So far I've only got the chorus' -- as follows: it's got to be about love, someone has to die, it's got to be sad, and you have to mention Texas. Whereupon she sang:

Don't look up my dress unless you mean it
Don't you put your hand upon my thigh
Before you stick that in you better clean it
I hope I go to Texas when I die

Pavlov's Cat said...

Comments crossed, Bernice, but I see Emmylou is everywhere. As is only right.

Zarquon said...

The only country song you need to listen to is Who's That By The Window by the Blackeyed Susans

I found myself in heaven,
Yearning for the past
It's way too nice in paradise,
You lose yourself too fast
Happiness don't make you happy
Joy don't make you glad
You'll thank me when we meet again
And all this has come to pass

Crawling out your bedroom
Picking out my clothes
I fear I came so near I almost got involved

Happiness don't make you happy
Love don't make you strong
A little time, a little wine
And you'll make it on your own

Francis Xavier Holden said...

George Jones - He Stopped Lovin Her Today

Francis Xavier Holden said...

That was an evidence based prescription.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Great song, but wrong track altogether -- it's more the onslaught of four quite different life-affecting things at once, mostly internal. I am well past the age to have my own personal heart broken, thank God.

*Looks nervously around for Nemesis.*

fifi said...

soothing thoughts
and songs from the sea
are winging your way.

you're never to old to have ya heart broke.

rpg said...

I'm not that much of an intellectual, so I'll send you a virtual hug instead.


Francis Xavier Holden said...

pav - I wasn't suggesting a literal reading of George Jones - He Stopped Loving Her - but another one. One where it washes over you and also fills you. George like almost no one else, manages to convey the overwhelming and all consuming nature of grief, longing, missed opportunities, mistakes not learned from and sorrow. Sorrow unconsolable.

Problems not amenable to simplistic cures by "closure" and "moving on" and "you go girl".

No. George knows that there are some troubles that you take to the grave and the only closure is the coffin lid.

genevieve said...

PC, you're absolutely right that there are four big things, but being the musically soaked person that you are, I can't quite see why one of them can't simply just accompany the others. In other words, might one enquire why especially music, this day?
(And as they also said, I don't care too much for money, money can't buy me love.)

Zoe said...

Three big things used to be all in a row on Enmore Rd in Sydney when I lived there - an building society co-op, a fetish wear shop, an undertaker. The Cat Protection Society was a bit further up the road, but no music.

Hope all is settling in.

WhatLadder said...

Hey, what a coinkydink. My head did asplode.