Wednesday, August 01, 2007

How the guilty behave

Why, they call the police, of course.

Here's a question: If Mohamed Haneef tried four times to call the British police with pertinent information about a failed terrorist attack, and failed, what does that say about the efficiency of the British police's comms systems and the amount of information that fails to get even as far as someone picking up the phone?

Here's another question: From the linked article, the treatment of Haneef seems to have been a matter of Kevin Andrews applying his intelligence and reasoning powers to the range of material before him. Now then: what did we already know about Kevin Andrews' intelligence and reasoning powers?

And while I'm here, a third question: what sort of relationship does Kevin Andrews have with his brothers (I'm presuming for what I hope are obvious reasons that he has some)? Is he incapable of imagining how a brother might behave and what a brother might say when he saw his sibling in potential trouble of this magnitude?

And if Haneef is indeed entirely innocent in this situation, what do his and his brother's fear, and the urgency of the perceived need to get out of the country, say about the way the Australian government is now viewed?


ThirdCat said...

There you go again...trying to add logic to a situation...

Perry Middlemiss said...

I guess we can assume that the Director of Public Prosecutions had all this info when he made his decision to drop the charges. In which case the points that Andrews raised in his press conference weren't worth a piece of spit. If they were so important they would have constituted an act worthy of a charge. They weren't and Haneef wasn't charged.

Andrews looks hopeless at present, floundering for a justification. Didn't see a lot of his cabinet colleagues out there lending him a hand, either. Time to pack the bags, son.

Well, I guess that's one possible "Tampa" sunk. Stay tuned for the next one.

Mindy said...

Unfortunately Perry, according to something I read in SMH, at lot of people (of the phone in to talkback variety) are taking the 'he should be glad terrorism is so well investigated' angle and don't think Haneef either deserves an apology, or that the govt has done anything wrong. This Tampa may suddenly bob up from the depths and give us all the fright of our lives.

Perry Middlemiss said...

I've just read over here ( that the chat room messages that Andrews also quoted in his press conference, were conducted in Urdu. So Andrews was reading a translation. I doubt he mentioned that anywhere. And now he won't make the original messages available for scrutiny. Am I surprised? Nope.

Mindy, those who ring in to talk-back radio are those who believe what they read in the tabloid press. I'm more worried about the shape of the next "Tampa" than this one. Haneef is gone and is no longer useable as a political stick to beat the Opposition with. There will be another one. Old Teflon jocks will see to that.

Anonymous said...

Fourth question; Does Andrews have any children, and if so what is his relationship with them? I heard on the radio he'd mistaken Haneef's baby's age as being about a month or six weeks or so. Even so, he opined that it was pretty suspicious that Haneef would be so anxious to get OS to see a child so advanced in age, even if he'd never seen her!


CIBalcony / lvjgu

steve said...

Here is the address of the Kevin Andrews Fanclub.

Bwca said...

CIB's comment is a beauty.

I predict the next chapter will be POMMy Plod's excuse that the calls came at dinner time and they thought it was just a telco cold-calling.