Thursday, August 16, 2007

Stormy weather

I don't mind rain and I really like electrical storms, but wind I can take or leave.

They did say something on the car radio this afternoon about gale warnings for the southern coast, but they didn't mention my quiet little old suburb. Yet here I am, late-ish at night, listening to the gate rattle and the roof creak, and the ceiling and the chimneys making ominous and unexplained noises, and the wind yowling through the trees, and big gusts hitting the house with an intermittent whump like an explosion.

I'm frightened out of my gourd, frankly. And I don't even quite know what it is I'm scared of. But it's quite comforting to watch the two wind-spooked tortoiseshells thundering up and down the passage with their ears back.


sigmund marx said...

Hi Pav's Pussycat, Like the famous Wiggles song goes, I love lying in bed at night and listening to storms:' I feel so snug and warm I know that everything's alright, I love it when it rains as I lie in bed at night'.

Apropos of no things, are you a Janet Malcolm fan? I just re-read Joe Cinque's Consolation for my book club, and Helen G mentions Janet Malcolm and I know that she is a big fan. The Silent Woman is one of my most favourite books, ever, and I also soaked up Psychoanysis: The Impossible Profession and In the Freud Archives. Janet writes so confidently and originally and her observations of human nature just resonate and resonate and resonate and...

Are there any JM fans out there?

Stephanie Trigg said...

Frightened out of your gourd? That's a new one for me. What were you when you were *in* your gourd?

The Devil Drink said...

Yeah, 'out of your gourd' is a good one. It's not usually about fear, though.
Wind is fantastic if you approach it with the right attitude. Loose the traditional three sheets to it, I say.

susoz said...

I'm a huge Janet Malcom fan.

On wind, eons ago I heard a radio program (in England) which said that wind causes (?) negative ions and negative ions cause irritability in humans (and maybe animals), or something to that effect. I was thrilled to hear a scientific explanation for my aversion to wind.