Friday, July 20, 2007


And as we count down to only one more sleep, today's issue of offers an assortment of hypotheses on how the Harry Potter series might wind up. Here is my favourite:

Neville Longbottom manages to convince Voldemort and Harry that they should detain Parvati Patil without charge. This has unforeseen consequences.

In a not unrelated conversation, I was telling My Friend the Lawyer a week or two ago all about my plans for a photo-essay en blog recording the scenes tomorrow morning in Border's when I will be jostling with a lot of ferocious nine-year-olds (plus Ampersand Duck's BB, in spirit if not in fact) to pick up my copy of the final volume.

I had planned to amuse myself by taking pix of the hundreds of junior Snapes, Hagrids, Hermiones and other assorted Hogwarts alumni who abound in the early-morning streets of Adders (and every other city in the Anglophone world, I'm sure) every time a new Potter comes out.

My Friend the Lawyer, scornful still of blogs, looked at me sternly for a moment. 'Uh huh,' she said. 'Do give me a call from the station after the nice policeman has grabbed you by the elbow and said "Excuse me, Madam, what are you planning to do with those photographs of strange children that you're taking in a public place?" and you've answered "Well, Officer, I'm going to put them on the Internet."'


genevieve said...

I read something absolutely intriguing about copyright and photographs in my last librarians' professional newsletter from ALIA. It astounded me as there was a clear inference that permission is only needed if someone objects to you taking their photograph(cough, splutter, incredulous*&%^@!!!)Must go and reread it actually - I still can't quite believe it.

My daughter has always been instructed by media teachers to ask anyway, so I was a bit surprised by that. Of course lawyer friend is quite right about kids in a bookshop though - their parents will get a bit tetchy.
Have a lovely HP finale day, anyhow.

Anna said...

Lawyers are very annoying like that, aren't they. So many wonderful ideas foiled by them.

Word verification: soouvtsh
The sound made by Harry when he's diving to catch the snitch?

Anonymous said...

I'd have thought you'd only be under suspicion photographing chilluns if you were a bloke.

nailpolishblues said...

It's okay, they won't lock you up for long.

fifi said...


Just call out "anyone not want to be on the news?" before you take the shot...

Ampersand Duck said...

I must sometime blog the amount of paperwork I have had to fill in this year to facilitate Bumblebee's corporeal presence at school. It's incredible. I have to give parental permission for his photo to be taken, his teacher to write things down about him, and even his details to be given to the canteen! There was a huge envelope of forms to be filled in, with so much small print that I was quite dizzy by the end of it.

I'm sure I've accidentally given permission for him to be detained in class indefinitely if he uses any of the Hindi vocabulary he's picked up from watching Bollywood films.

Anyway, there's a kinda hush... all over the house... tonight... as HP is read behind my closed bedroom door. The cats and I are feeling quite shut out.

And we're not watching the news today in case any media toads give the ending away.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, &D, here at Chez Cat Hair I too took to my bed (that's where the electric blanket is ...) for most of the afternoon, and have only just surfaced, at page 207, to bring the washing in. Good point about not watching the news; I have successfully managed not to find out the plot so far and have no intention of being foiled at the eleventh hour.

More Potterblogging shortly -- no spoilers, of course, but I will say this: brace yourself. And if BB is a bit pale when he appears for dinner, and possibly a bit off his food, be nice to him.