Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Live by the feelings, die by the feelings

Christan Kerr nails it today at

"The PM doesn’t seem to get it. Elections often have nothing to do with "the truth", but about how people feel. It’s ironic, given the way he’s used fears of terrorists, foreign others and interest rates to keep fearful battlers by his side at elections past. And his plays on feelings may have set up the circumstances that could defeat him."

I've also lately remembered something Paul Keating said when Labor lost the 1996 election after thirteen years in power. 'We weren't asking for three years, we were asking for sixteen.' Howard may also have been giving this excellent point some thought in recent weeks.


Bwca said...

So JWH jets off to 'Our Forces' in East Timor, perhaps the purpose being gung-ho photo ops to bolster image by election time, and what does he get? ANTI-Australia demonstrators.
oh dear.
A PM is only as good as his Advisors.
'Read The Street' Johnny.

(Ha! WV is "tys gud px" - LOL)

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, I thought that was very funny.

But I am actually starting to feel sorry for the horrible little dude.