Thursday, July 19, 2007


multiple deadlines and other work commitments
new bathroom basin & taps (urgent)
meaning of life
termite check OMG
too cold to go outside
new printer (urgent)
outrageous behaviour of federal government (endemic)
no time to blog
call electrician (urgent)
no food in house (some might say this was a good thing)
house looks like bomb hit it (need nameplate for house: Chez Cat Hair)
5 x close friends with life issues that make this smalltime stress look completely laughable
meaning of life (reprise)


The Devil Drink said...

There's only one solution I know to all of these crises.
Organise a cat feeder, empty the boot of your car and clean out your savings account, you and I are going for a Barossa road trip.
You'll have to drive, though, they don't give supernatural entities licences.

genevieve said...

(finally back online and can converse without being interrupted by public library popups!)

Five friends at once is awfully bad luck. I have a nephew who a couple of months back had an urgent integration funding difficulty that put me in a similar cold-in-the-pit of the stomach kind of place for weeks until it was resolved - positively, which is great.
I am getting a lot of strenght recently from Therese Rein's mother's dictum - 'sometimes life is a matter of just getting through the next five minutes'.
(Strenght sounds better with a t on the end, too.)

Pavlov's Cat said...

You know, DD, that isn't even a quarter-bad idea. I've got friends living in a beautiful (old/renovated) farmhouse with a spare room in Eden Valley, for a start. And, God love them, you are always welcome in their house and will feel right at home there. One of them has shares in Peter Lehmann.


Genevieve, it's my cohort's age. Those of you who think things will all calm down once you hit your 50s, HAHAHAHAHAHA. Think very elderly parent managment, adult offspring with issues, and endless variations on the theme of declining health.

The Devil Drink said...

"Think very elderly parent managment, adult offspring with issues, and endless variations on the theme of declining health."
All can be dealt with through proper application of tawny port. If symptoms persist see your cellar door.

Ann O'Dyne said...

it may help you cope
if you can just be aware that
Everybody can make a list just like that.

Genevieve is right: take it 5 mins at a time, repeating mantra "this is not important, all this is trivial" ... baby steps ...

genevieve said...

Ann, the five minutes at a time only works for five minutes, unfortunately.

I don't want to be fifty plus at all, at all.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Genevieve, don't worry. The disadvantages may be many, but so are the advantages. One finally calms down a bit, for a start (even in the face of lists like the one in this post), although things in general do not. One also becomes quite fearless about all sorts of things one used to fear.

One also thanks God that one does not have to go through some of what one sees people ten or twenty or (gulp) thirty years younger enduring in 2007. For instance, if in my most sexually active and adventurous days I'd felt obliged to get regular Brazilians and participate in anal sex with virtual strangers, I would probably have slashed my wrists. Or perhaps I'm just spending too much time at Larvatus Prodeo. ;-)

Ann, I find the opposite of 'this is all trivial ' can also work -- the full Zen immersion in the nowness and the thisness of small tasks is astonishingly effective.

DD, an update: late this afternoon I went and bought a flash new printer at OfficeWorks and then realised Dan Murphy's was just across the road, so have come home with a Parker's Coonawarra Terra Rossa First Growth, a Fox Creek Verdelho, a half bottle of the Brown Brothers Orange Muscat and Flora for some hypothetical future dessert or almond-bread dunking (a counter bargain and whim, and a steal at $8 a shot), and a Nepenthe Pinot Gris for now. And I am feeling much better; you were right. (I do draw the line at tawny port in particular and fortifieds in general -- though I have some thick, black, sticky Pedro Ximinez to which I resort in emergencies.)

The Devil Drink said...

The sherries are certainly coming back into fashion, PC. 'Specially the dry Spanish ones, yum.
That BB Orange Muscat & Flora really is good, isn't it? I've got to say, if you like that stuff you really should get into the real deal---liqueur muscat, which the Southtralians do particularly well. Drawn lines are meant for crossing.
Some day Officeworks franchises will start getting liquor retailing licences, and then the chain really will be the go-to place for office drudges and SOHO operators. What makes more sense than picking up a case of A4 and a case of XXXX?

Mindy said...

Well that answers the question I just sent you in an email. So please feel free to ignore the email. Hope it all starts to resolve soon.

genevieve said...

Thanks for the reassurances, PC. I did not mean to be trite in my earlier 5 mins thing, either. Being more fearless sounds pretty good. And I'm not that far behind you, am I? have done the maths from the earlier 'decade' post now.

That orange muscat sounds wunnerful, I will be in my (not UR)Dan Murphy checking it out. Even the names are cool, aren't they - those Nepenthe people are geniuses coming up with a label like that.

The Devil Drink said...

Genevieve, try the OM&F, and if you like it, the same winery do a kick-arse botrytis riesling. Which, alas, doesn't sound nearly as good rolling off the tounge as it does descending it.
Disclaimer: no shares in the winery, etc. etc.

ThirdCat said...

One day, I spent two days cooking soup and filling the freezer with it. And life seemed much better after that.