Friday, December 01, 2006

Jes' fetchin' mah banjo

The Channel Ten morning news broadcast I just watched featured a sports report on the first day of the Adelaide Test, complete with voxpop from the crowd outside the Adelaide Oval. The newsreader, presumably reading off the autocue, mentioned the "excited locals" more than once.

She made it sound like a Naomi Robson visit in a helicopter to my home town of Curramulka, pop approx 150. But even there, you'd be surprised by how laid-back and clued-up the locals are -- never mind a city of over a million people that has "excited locals" queuing up and hanging off the rafters at every session every other year at something called the Festival of Ideas.

Everybody always knew that Channel Ten's stupid abandonment of independent production of local news in Adelaide would be a bloody disaster, and so it has proved. Just excuse me here while I play a few bars of 'Duelling Banjos'. It's so much easier when you've got six fingers on each hand.


ThirdCat said...

If you'd been watching PlaySchool instead, you would have learnt how to make a snail from a paperplate and cardboard box. And maybe a giant snail, painted green, would be useful for you and scare those other snails away.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Well, indeed. My bad.

Anonymous said...

This is where the MSM are heading. News out of Sydney and Melbourne is going to be the norm. I am tired, living in Adelaide of hearing the Rugby League results and the car crashes in suburban Sydney for later in the evening news.