Friday, December 22, 2006

Bucketing down

Having practically forgotten what rain looked like, I didn't think to clear out the mush of leaves, unseasonably scorched and fallen, that had been breeding with the last of the bottlebrush litter in the gully-trap, even though I knew a storm was coming.

And that, Reader, was why 10 pm tonight found me sopping wet from head to foot, out in the deluge (sur moi, le deluge) and desperately wading though ankle-deep water on the flooded path to the garden shed, my way lit only by a non-waterproof torch (since the electrical storm had knocked out the power) and the frequent cracking flashes of lightning, to find a shovel to scrape out the muck of ages and let through the water that had flooded and overflowed, backed up down the unrelenting cement path and flooded the garden shed and the garage.

This is an old house and it could have been worse; it could have backed up the toilet as well. It has done so more than once before today. So far there's no sign of such a thing.

I may, of course, be speaking too soon.


elsewhere said...

Sounds exciting. We get occasional spits of rain in the afternoon here (very humid at the moment). The young tortoiseshell is quite mystified by this and why things can be wet, probably because she's hardly seen any rain in her short life.

lucy tartan said...

Does sound exciting. Sorry if that's a bit callous. At least you got some water, though.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Oh, it was very exciting. I was so glad to be wet and cooled down after the filthy hot day that my only real worry was the prospect of stepping on a slug, or one of those razor-sharp bits of tin that are still popping up in the back yard, six years after they put the new roof on.

Melly` said...

If you are finished with the rain you could send it up here. Replacing the dry crackle underneath our feet with lovely soft grass would be just lovely. And - don't you just love the smell?

Kate said...

I just bought a friend the 'rain' perfume from Demeter as a xmas gift, and it has that smell. It's the best.

It does sound exciting though also possibly a tad frustrating. Hasn't rained here in Perth for about a month and even then it was half-arsed rain.

Sometimes I miss living in the tropics and seeing the big storms come in.

Mindy said...

Still waiting for ours. Soon I hope. All the mud will be worth it. Hope you don't get any more flooding.