Sunday, March 19, 2006

Yet another irresistible personality test

I found this very detailed and interesting test at Pat the Chooks. Very nice to be told I'm an Attentive Creator, even if I can think of a number of people who would snort at the very thought.


R H said...

Attentive creator? Is that all it said? And after all those questions!
Well what can you expect from something that's free. Real praise costs dough. When I want a big spiel I visit my clairvoyant. Since putting her fees up she's been saying enormous wonderful things about me. And it's very accurate; all true. She's gifted that way. Last week I saw her yelling at a woman in the street.
"Bullshit artist." That's what she called her.
Well golly me, but she'd know.

Pavlov's Cat said...

No, there was lots more than that. I put the test up because I thought other people might enjoy doing it.

I too am a bullshit artist and have no need to be told as much by a stranger in the street, clairvoyant or otherwise. (Wait a minute. If she's a clairvoyant, surely she should have been telling the woman that she will be a bullshit artist.)

I don't need praise badly enough to be willing to pay for it. Yet. Give me a few more years and then ask me again.

R H said...

Well as I understand it clairvoyants also tell you what you are. And you're always wonderful.