Saturday, March 04, 2006

Beneath that buffed exterior beats a heart of pure ear-wax

Highlights from a 'Behind the scenes at the Academy Awards' type feature in the SMH today, leading with the lovely Madonna:

'We saw Madonna perform at the ceremony in 1997. But we didn't see the Material Girl arriving at a rehearsal to find a female camera operator seriously injured after falling into the orchestra pit. Told her stage time was delayed, Madonna looked puzzled. "But she's just lying there," she said. "Can't we do this?"'

Other vignettes:

'Every year, we admire the stars on the red carpet, glamorously attired and bantering cheerfully with interviewers. What we did not see in 2001 was crew members flipping a coin to see who was stuck with escorting three of the most demanding stars: Barbra Streisand, Jennifer Lopez and Kevin Spacey.'

... and ...

'In 2000, there was a medley of past Oscar-nominated songs performed by Ray Charles, Isaac Hayes, Dionne Warwick and other notables. At the rehearsal two days earlier, a disoriented Whitney Houston stumbled, fumbled and even started to sing the wrong song, causing a frustrated Burt Bacharach to slump over his piano, head on the keys.'

And what's more,

'... in case you're wondering, The Big Show also reveals the one question that women regularly ask Oscars staff on the way to the stage. It's not "Is Brad Pitt here?" or even "Do I deserve all this acclaim and wealth for acting in a movie?" It is "Are my nipples even?"'

Full story, with book details, here.

Madonna checks to see if her nipples are straight

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