Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Pollies tally on RU 486

Following Zoe's good example and using the list of addresses she provided, I emailed the MHRs over the weekend about the passing of the Private Members Bill on RU 486 and the TGA.

Here are the replies I have had to date (not including a number of Out of Office Auto-Replies and 'your email has been brought to the attention of X' type replies):

Trish Draper: detailed explanation of position: NO
Julia Irwin: brief personal reply saying 'I support your comments 100%': YES
Kim Wilkie: detailed explanation of position: YES
Rod Sawford: brief personal reply, clear and unequivocal support of Bill (and my own MHR, yay): YES
Lindsay Tanner: clear indication of intention to support Bill: YES
Tony Windsor: courteous, cautious reply about the value of feedback from the electorate: NON-COMMITTAL

So far, so good.


Zoe said...

Onya, Cat.

*holds hands*
*sings "We shall overcome"*

Pavlov's Cat said...

I more or less sang 'We shall overcome' with Rod Sawford on the phone an hour or so ago after he actually rang me up -- my, they do take their constituents seriously -- to assure me in person of how he planned to vote. Perhaps one should write to one's local members more often.

From what he said, it seems that Pell and Jensen are in it with Abbott up to their, er, vestments.

Zoe said...

Yep, Pell's said anyone supporting the Bill is "anti-life". Just like he said at the beginning of the war! Oh, sorry, I dreamt that last part.

Kate said...

I wrote an email to Lyn Allison last week expressing my admiration for her speech. She emailed me back, and I quote:

Thank you for your kind remarks, Kate. The vote is looking good in the Reps so hopefully the resurgence movement has been arrested.
Lyn Allison

I have never felt so in touch with my democracry. I'm sure this warm fuzzy feeling will only last a few minutes, but I think I'll definitely be using my power to write calm NON-CAPSY emails more often.

Zoe said...

All the Senators who've replied to my email thanking them are women, btw.

Replies from the House are 6 men and 5 women.