Monday, February 13, 2006

Lie back and think of Strayya

When I was in Vienna in 1997 I went to the Jewish Museum, which was holding a special exhibition about the Holocaust. In a hallway linking one stage of the exhibition to the next, a number of documents from the Nazi regime had been framed and hung at eye level where the faded typescript on the yellowing paper could be more easily read.

One of these was a report on 'scientific' research into women's fertility, with the stated aim of producing a fertility drug that would ensure that 'every German mother' would conceive twins or even triplets as often as possible, with the aim of reproducing the master race at least twice as fast as before.

For some odd reason this memory surfaced this afternoon when I heard Danna Vale on the car radio, fretting about the prospect of abortion-happy Australians being out-bred by Muslims (since, as everybody knows, Islam is a hereditary condition). Can it be possible that Ms Vale doesn't understand the implications of what she's saying?

Kate has a good post about this truly barking and utterly repellent pronouncement of Ms Vale's at Larvatus Prodeo.

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