Wednesday, February 15, 2006

It just gets worse and worse

From the ABC news website:

However Prime Minister John Howard says he believes control over RU486 should remain in the hands of the Health Minister.

Mr Howard has told Southern Cross radio it is not something he can support .

"My view on this is that in the end, something as significant as this should still be left for political decision making," Mr Howard said.

"I don't hold the view that you should work hard, get into Parliament, cop all the opprobrium when something goes wrong but when it comes to decisions you hand it over to a bureaucrat."

So there you have it. Two inescapable conclusions:

(1) The Prime Minister thinks direct control over other people's bodies and lives is a legitimate reward for hard work.

(2) The Prime Minister holds his own public service and other properly appointed national authorities in contempt and mistrust.


invig said...

yep...heres my take on his logic

but summarised by...

"You need to convince us you are doing your best - there is no room for the complacent rubbish you have been spouting about 'deserving' power. That is what dictators believe. Power is gifted by the people for the good of humanity...but it can be taken away too."

comicstriphero said...

It's as if just by being a 'bureaucrat' one is immediately disqualified from having any expertise or judgement.

I might happen to take personal offence at that...

Arthur_Vandelay said...

Shorter RU486 victory:

A legitimate argument from authority trumphed over an argumentum ad populum .