Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Of course it's not climate change ...

... it's just that the magical djinns holding up the giant tortoises holding up the whales holding up the elephants holding up the camels holding up the foxes holding up the penguins holding up the butterflies holding up Antarctica have gone for a toilet break. As any fool knows.

I don't know, some people are just too credulous for words.

Crybabies, too.


Caroline said...


This is an optical illusion created by leftwing-lovey-miseryguts moralists (being a moralist is particulaly offensive when coupled with left wing lovey miserygutses). Such people want us all to burn in hell.

As any sane person knows 'good', right, proper 'science' is devoid of namby pamby moral ideas. The earth is there for the taking and we are only fulfilling our biological entitlement by 'taking' it.

Its breaking off very 'neatly' in places isn't it?

ThirdCat said...

You read The Advertiser today, didn't you?

Greg said...

I'm not fooled: it's turtles all the way down.