Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Spinning the questions

I've never had any media training myself but I'm guessing that every Federal Minister I've heard being questioned by the press over the last few days is faithfully following a simple question-answering formula, strictly in this order:

JOURNALIST/INTERVIEWER/DEBATING OPPONENT: [Insert question here. Any question at all.]


1) The Opposition is worse.

2) Look at all these good things we've done and are doing and intend to do.

3) Have you all forgotten what the question was yet? Good. Next question.

[Repeat as necessary.]


genevieve said...

Exctly what was observed at a carers' meeting here in Melbourne on Tuesday, which got a great heading in Teh Age, here:
Sorry, I do hope that displays okay.
Still have to go visit my local candidates on same topic. Sigh.

genevieve said...

ps exctly (sic) not to be mistaken with excellently, or anything remotely like it.