Sunday, October 28, 2007

La chanson des vieux amants

I have been asked to remove the spider from the front page, so here is something much prettier: James Taylor and Joni Mitchell, performing together in 1970 as new lovers when he was 22 and she was 27.

And here, 30 years later, they are at the Joni Mitchell Tribute concert in 2000.

If you're in your 20s and in the middle of a hot love affair, here, if you're lucky, is how you'll feel about each other thirty years from now. And ladies, you may find this hard to believe, but if he's still this attached to you and still singing your songs, you won't mind at all about what's happened to his hair.


Stephanie Trigg said...

heh heh (about the hair, I mean). Much better, thank you!! Hmm. looks like I had better get cracking on my essay, too. Trying hard not to re-write too much, but ... you know how it is.

You'll like this, though, Pav; I've just come back from a funeral for a friend's mother, full of stories of escaping from Hungary in the 40s, and of the tough love of families. It's a ghastly hot and windy Melbourne spring day - and a single waterlily has bloomed in the pond.

Ampersand Duck said...

Oh, wistful yearnings for an ex that talented, no matter the hair. Imagine someone singing to you like that.

Sometimes I listen to Wings and wonder what it would be like to have someone singing love songs to you as part of their job -- while you provided the backup vocals. Then I wonder how you could be professional enough to make it sound real if you'd just had a tiff.