Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Debate: the first four minutes

In his highly focused and content-packed two-minute opening statement Kevin Rudd made clear promises of the following:

Abolish WorkChoices -- check
Ratify Kyoto -- check
Take responsibility for hospitals -- check
Implement an exit strategy from Iraq -- check

Ratty wallowed on his laurels, misrepresented Rudd, harped on at Rudd about something he hadn't actually said, and went over time.

First blood to Kevin.


Jonathan Shaw said...

I could only bear to watch about 15 minutes, but in that time JwH used the phrase 'election eve convert', a coinage which muct surely come back to bite him

genevieve said...

Hurrah. Took refuge in a family gathering - so thanks for the positive summary.
I really must start reading my Blogocracy feed.

Mary Bennet said...

I watched it all, completely entranced by the PM's immobile forehead. His eyebrows moved precisely once. Is it possible that he's had some botox to look less grandfatherly?

He never smiled either. On manner and method he was clearly outclassed by beaming Kevin but I'm probably biased about the matter part (cheap childcare for all hurrah!).

ThirdCat said...

I would've watched, but didn't want to scare the kiddies.

Mindy said...

Australian Idol was on.

JahTeh said...

'101 uses for a John Howard' blog has it nailed.

meggie said...

I just wrote a long comment.
I shut my mouth & bow out.
I just hope someone tries to fix the Hospital system!!

ashleigh said...


Thats good, I'll have to remember it.