Saturday, February 17, 2007

Today's Cat Haiku (by Anon.)

The food in my bowl
is old, and more to the point
contains no tuna.


JahTeh said...

I'm sorry PC but I believe your cat owes my cat royalties on that Haiku.

Enemy Combatant said...

by Spyros Kyriazopoulos(mostly)

She was licking
the open tin
for hours and hours
without realising
that she was drinking
her own blood.

Louis de Berniers used it(minus my snarky bit) on the page prior to the first chapter of his rollicking Anatolian romp set in the first quarter of last century, Birds Without Wings.

Haiku it ain't; brilliant it is.

lucy tartan said...

Where's Mao? Shouldn't he say something about salmon now?

phil said...

Just because
it's only 2.30
doesn't mean I can't have dinner

Miaowed by Kim the cat at 2.30 this afternoon.

Mindy said...

I saw this on a t-shirt

Haikus are easy
But sometimes they don't make sense

BTW Dr Cat, love your work on LP. Love it.

meggie said...


Lunar Brogue said...

I'm just haiku
Yet this hai coup isn't just
Haiku, or any ku

No cat reference,
Sorry. Also, are commas
Allowed in haiku?

Mummy/Crit said...

PC, this had my uncontrollable laughter. Or something. I've become inarticulate lately.