Saturday, August 19, 2006

The Prime Minister is quite right ...

... children should be required to learn the dates of Australian history, with all the important battles. For example, say, the events of 1932, as described by Greg Callaghan in today's Weekend Australian colour mag:

'When the Depression peaked in 1932, almost one in three were out of work. Many, unable to pay the rent or mortgage, were forced into "dole camps" such as this one in Sydney's south -- although not before many took part in bloody, anti-eviction street battles.'


Helen said...

Yeah. And they should have to learn how Robert Menzies, PM, described himself as "British to his bootheels" and fantasised about how he'd retire to a cottage in England after his term of office ended. Take that, Peter if-you-want-to-live- here-you-should-renounce-your-birth-country Costello!

But I guess it's different when you're British.

Oh yeah, I saw Eddie Reader (re previous post.) Twas good.

comicstriphero said...

Maybe they could teach John Howard today's date - ie, 2006, not 1956.