Monday, September 01, 2008

Yes, she's gorgeous; now can we talk about something else?

Predictably, depressingly, talk in certain sections of the blogosphere has already turned to the looks of mooseburger-eatin' VPILF Sarah Palin, John McCain's surprise choice of running mate.

Other possible talking points (always with the caveat that what you read online, and certainly on Wikipedia, might not be accurate):

-- Of all womankind, only Geraldine Ferraro has ever got this officially close to the presidency until now.

-- Palin is a pro-life, pro-death-penalty gun nut who loves to kill animals. (Are we confused yet?)

-- The various nicknames and titles earned in the course of Palin's interesting past include Mayor, Sarah Barracuda, Governor, and Miss Congeniality.

-- Palin is a member of that strange organisation Feminists for Life, and props to her for not shying away from the word 'feminist', which indicates to me that unlike many of the right-wing men, um, dribbling over her image as we speak, she actually knows what the word means and understands that there's more than one way of being a feminist.

-- She has visited precisely three countries outside the US: Ireland, Germany and Kuwait.

But never mind what she knows or thinks about the world, life, death, gender, family or any of that stuff -- because lo, she is fuckable. And as we all know, that's all that matters.


Stephanie Trigg said...

I take it the "not blogging any more" phase has passed, then???

We're all grateful, Pav. Love that frock, too.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I think that phase was kind of over by the time I realised it'd been happening.

Also, the idea of being silenced for fear of being challenged by repugnant blokes is, erm, repugnant. One rallies in the face of it.

Stephanie Trigg said...

That's the spirit, my girl!

skepticlawyer said...

I've updated my post on Sarah Palin over at skepticlawyer. Have to say the most revolting comments made about her came from a certain type of progressive (I'm not tarring all lefties with that brush - it's simply too vile).

Pavlov's Cat said...

I'll go straight over there and have a look, SL, but before I do I must say that if it's that stuff from Daily Kos about her son really being her grandson then I could not agree with you more. Even if it's true, it's nobody's business but the family's.

(Then again, if the Right can go after Clinton over Monica Lewinsky then it seems to me this rubbish is appealing to the same order of mind.)

Kate H said...

Yeah the fact that she's a pro-gun, pro-life, pro-death penalty creationist means absolutely nothing next to the fact that she is endowed with two x chromosomes.