Wednesday, September 03, 2008

The fundies made him do it

According to this report on the ABC's website, Sarah Palin was a last-minute second choice after McCain's first pick as running mate, Senator Joe Lieberman, was rejected by the fundie lobby. The evangelical Christians threatened a revolt at this week's Republican Convention, saying they would overturn the decision on the floor, as the saying goes. Picture the scene. Oh never mind.

Without the support of 'the conservative Christian base of the party', McCain was told, he would certainly lose the election.

Lieberman is an Independent Senator and a former Democrat. He is Jewish. And he is pro-choice.

I particularly like the punch line of the ABC's report:

[Palin's] selection by Senator McCain immediately excited the evangelical base and his campaign received around $US10 million in donations over the weekend.

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David Thornby said...

I suppose this has been done to death already, but if Senator Joe had actually joined McCain's ticket, would he have been the first person to run on a presidential ticket for both major parties? If (as seems likely not to mention breathtakingly desirable) they'd lost, would he have been the first person to lose the vice-presidential race from both sides?

I think there must have been an agreement between the Republicans and the Democrats this time around -- to get as many 'first time ever's out of the way as possible, in one go. Oldest this, first woman that, first black person the other. And someone Jewish for good measure, if we can squeeze it in. Good on them, I suppose.