Saturday, September 13, 2008


Time for a little facelift and detox, methinks. The semiotics of pink have changed a lot since October 2005, and not in a good way. The feline ubiquity is misleading. And I think this blog has just gone over its baggage allowance.

I am aware that this is akin to moving to Mars because we have messed up Earth, but wotthehell and toujours gai.

While Blogger still has fairly limited options, I like it, especially its 100% effective spam filters and the fact that it costs nothing. I could redesign a little, but rather than risk obliterating some or all of the last three years here by pushing the Blogger equivalent of the big red button in a fit of absentmindedness or technobabysteps, I'm just going to start a new Blogger blog.

The pink is gone, the title is no longer eponymous (though I retain the online PC ID), and the cats will be less ubiquitous than of yore, but it's really just Pavlov's Cat 2.0 -- over here.


lucy tartan said...

I'm worried your old blog will be lonely.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Hm. Perhaps I could find an excuse to link back to it from time to time ...?

Helen said...

Oh congratulations! Blogrolling immediately.
I just left my old blog on the blogroll as "Old cast iron balcony". Simple and easy.