Monday, April 14, 2008

Still can't blog, still too much work

... so here is a bit of Monday Mogblogging instead.


lucy tartan said...

what does the other 1 out of 5 have to say?

Su said...

If only the "wet-patch" (see:some movie with Keanu Reeves) were an accomplished fact, Pavlov, then you could out-source the reading to someone like me. Then download it, sans all of the clever 'getting of allusions' stuff, straight into your own brain.
*sigh* that's never gonna work is it?

Pavlov's Cat said...

Su, I have considered outsourcing some of the reading and have regretfully dropped the idea for the reasons you suggest. This week is a mega bummer involving eight different novels in three separate pieces of work that are all due on the same day. It's like being an undergraduate again.

Ms Tartan, I assume the fifth dentist (now there's a catchy title for a novel) thinks it's good for kitteh's teeth. And so it would be. But I favour Science Diet Oral Health myself.

(For the girls, I mean.)

Mindy said...

I keep telling myself I would notice the footprints on the basin. But somehow I'm never going to look at my toothbrush quite the same again. Nor the dentist I suspect.