Wednesday, April 23, 2008

'Hey, knucklehead'

Searching online here and there for this and that, as you do when you've got more pressing commitments and are an old hand at avoidance behaviour, I just stumbled on a wonderfully prescient five-year-old post by Ken Parish, now of Club Troppo, thus:

It seems the gloves are off in the war to decide who replaces Simon the Unlikeable as federal Labor leader. Genteel Labor foreign affairs spokesperson Kevin Rudd (who I thought was very impressive on the Nine Network's Sunday program a couple of days ago) appears to have leaked to Janet Albrechtsen (of all people) an email sent to him by the distinctly un-genteel Mark Latham, in which Latham addressed Rudd as "Hey, knucklehead". I can see this getting very entertaining.

Date of post: February 18, 2003.

Isn't history fabulous?


Amanda said...

No offence to Ken, but a shortly following senetce is :

Anyway, if Iraq turns into a protracted bloodbath (which I think is unlikely)

Heh, prescience does have a habit of blinking on and off like that.

Mindy said...

Damn prescience. Bloody hindsight never does that.

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, I thought I'd leave that bit out. You can't foretell everything.