Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Drama Queen

An hour or two ago my computer screen started to go all shaky.

OMG the computer is about to blow up, I'll have to get a new computer, and as for backing up ...

Then when I tried to heat something in the microwave, it made a very off noise. The bathroom light wasn't as bright as it ought to have been. When I switched on the electric kettle to try the new chai teabags, which I thought might calm my escalating jitters, it dimmed the light from a lamp.

OMG the house needs rewiring. And is about to burn down.

Then I heard revving engines and loud male voices close by.

OMG someone's stealing the car, and I'm already thousands of dollars in debt after the new computer and the rewired/burnt-down house.

Then all the lights went out.


It wasn't long after that that the nice man from the electricity, in his shiny neon yellow safety gear, knocked gently on the front door to let me know they'd fixed the fault in the power pole directly across the road.


ThirdCat said...

Hope you gave him a cup of tea. It was cold last night. Very cool labelling.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I did offer, in fact, but he said no thanks. He seemed very surprised. The coldth made me very worried about how long the power would be off -- piled blankets on top of the quilt on top of the electric blanket to keep the heat in as long as possible, and was thinking thank god for the gas stove to boil water for a hot-water bottle if it came to that.

The experience seemed to warrant the labels. I did think all three of those things, plus several others, during the course of the evening.

Black Knight said...

Is offering tradesmen* a cuppa the done thing here? We always do, but seem to catch them by surprise.

Maybe it's because we live in the People's Democratic Republic of Strathfield.

*Yes, I know. But it's generic, and the ones we come across are all men.

PS. It's a little unnerving when the WordBitch looks horribly like one of your passwords.

Mindy said...

We get that sometimes after a blackout when the grid isn't quite back up to speed. It's quite eerie walking around in the half light.

Ampersand Duck said...

ha ha ha
That's the funniest thing I've read for days!

I always worry about the lack of fresh water in the house if something goes wrong, and start stashing filled bottles around the place. Then I forget about them and find them months later.

Pavlov's Cat said...

I know those water bottles! I've got three down by the side of the fridge, four in the garage and two more in the car. And they'll all laugh on the other side of their faces come the apocalypse when we are angelically offering them a life-giving sip as the stars go out one by one, don't you think?

BK -- I dunno whether it's the done thing or not, but I always do offer. They've usually brought their own. (NB re gender -- they are indeed usually men. Still, there is a wonderful carpenter and builder on the local ABC handyperson talkback thingy here on Saturday mornings by the name of Rose.)

ThirdCat said...

Said carpenter built us a most excellent set of stairs when we lived in a house which needed a safer set of stairs.

On whether to offer a cup of tea: I feel that you should always offer, but it is not wrong for them to refuse. Plus, as you say, they usually have their own thermos in the back of the truck.

genevieve said...

I'm so glad it had a happy ending! Cripes.

Belongum said...

Upon reading that, I sorta smiled sheepishly to myself... I'm a sparky by trade originally - but now I poke these little letter 'buttons' on my keyboard for a living.

I go through much the same scenario myself, and I know all the signs already - Sheesh!


PS - as an ex-tradie, it NEVER hurts to offer a brew at all. This offer clearly excludes those slack buggers who don't respect you or your property of course... lol!

Pavlov's Cat said...

Thanks, Belongum, that makes me feel a bit less silly. Ta also for the advice about offering refreshments -- I guess the offer is always appreciated, even when it isn't taken up.

Anonymous said...

And have you backed up your computer now?
I had three plumbers here once, installing a new water tank. At the end of a hot day, their van had broken down and they were stranded for an hour. Never have I seen three blokes so grateful for a few cold beers. I think I even got a discount on the tank. Always keep a couple of VBs in the fridge for such emergencies.