Sunday, January 08, 2006

What's Your Sign?

"Wrong Way, Go Back."

Ahem. Here from Scrivener in Atlanta, Georgia, via Sills Bend, a quiz called 'Here's Your Sign', and my own tragically inevitable result:

There's No Such Thing As Too Many Books

Here's Your Sign {pictures included}
brought to you by Quizilla

Funny, I always thought I was a Taurus. I like this one much better.


Zoe said...

I kiss girls, apparently.

How could they tell?

Cozalcoatl said...

i kiss girls aswell
just cause i like beer...pfft

Fyodor said...

"My Other Ride is Your Mother"


Pavlov's Cat said...

Gosh, Fyodor, that's a bit risqué, n'est-ce pas? I assume it means you're a bit of a lad. (Un morceau de garçon.)

I Googled hard to try to find out what that extra F in WTFF was really for, with inconclusive results: top marks went about equally to 'what the flying fuck' and 'what the fuckety fuck'. I like the second one better, but that might only be because I associate it with Hugh Grant.

Lucy Tartan said...

It probably means 'feckity feck,' is my wild guess.

Fyodor said...

"Gosh, Fyodor, that's a bit risqué, n'est-ce pas?"

Ouais. Un p'tit peu grossier, j'ai crus.

It made me reconsider my toast, I can tell you. The extra "F" is for "fucking", but you can substitute "Fyodor", or "fecking". Whatever produces the most extravagantly exclamatory effect.

Fyodor said...

P.S. PC, your translation's not entirely accurate - and not a little risqué (if not "pédé") itself - as I could ask which piece of the boy I'm supposed to be.

[Please don't answer that question, Zoe]

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yes, that was the idea.

I guess this would be a straightforward case of pédé rather than spelling it phédé or perhaps phadé, though?

Feckity and Fyodor are both good choices.

I find toast and the computer don't mix -- too often one ends up with a buttery mouse. Which also sounds a bit off.

Fyodor said...

You're quite the saucy one, n'êtes-vous pas? I'd suggest you were a "jaunty pussy" if I knew you'd get the reference and not be grossly offended.

The buttery mouse problem is a devilish pickle, but one that I've mitigated by training my otherwise unpopular gauche hand (I'm very adroit, you see) to hold small objects. Sometimes it's good to be a primate. Actually, feck that, it's ALWAYS good to be a primate.

P.S. the subjects of butter, bread and pussies reminds me of my all-time favourite perpetual motion machine:

Pavlov's Cat said...

I understand that the JP is some sort of, erm, artefact? Pavlov would turn in his grave.

I am too ol- er, mature to be saucy, but I'd have to be blind, deaf and dumb to have lived this long and still be unable to make risqué jokes. I too have also made the gauche/adroit joke in my time. Sinister, isn't it.

That perpetual motion machine is a triumph of philosophical thought.

Fyodor said...

Yes, indeed, though you've handled yourself, if not your mouse, very dextrously.

You say "risqué", I say "fricassée". You say "pédé"? I say "pity". Risky, frisky, petit, puddy, let's call the whole thing oeuf.

Don't give up the sauce prematurely. You're never too mature to do it (though it helps if you remain immature), just increasingly inappropriate.

Me, I intend to remain perpetually sanguine, even if occasionally sanglierish.

Fyodor said...

Sorry, forgot the origin of JP:

Some people called Penny and Mel are responsible for its origin and (limited) propagation. I believe they are young people, which was the fashion at the time.

Marie said...

Snap on the sign - I'm a book-a-holic from way back so I was not surprised by the result.

I am really enjoying reading here. I came from the Australian Bog awards link, looking for blogs "from home" and am now hooked.