Tuesday, January 03, 2006

And on a considerably lighter note

Still in holiday-mucking-about mode, I tried that thing where you Google your name plus the word 'needs' and write down the first ten things that come up. My name isn't one that Google recognises much, so I tried my family nickname instead and got thousands of results. Here are the first ten: taken as a whole, this list makes me sound as though I am running a brothel.

1) Pavlov's Cat needs an Avatar
2) Pavlov's Cat needs your input
3) Pavlov's Cat needs to have a new one
4) Pavlov's Cat needs volunteers
5) Pavlov's Cat needs a home with adults who have time to continue her training
6) Pavlov's Cat needs to match the needs of the individual with the specialist room and products provided
7) Pavlov's Cat needs to be evenly matched with the ignition source
8) Pavlov's Cat needs a boob job
9) Pavlov's Cat needs medication
10) Pavlov's Cat needs money

I swear this really is how it came up (substituting blogname for nickname, of course) and most of these things are, alas, all too true, especially #9 and #10. Those who know me well will know just how funny #8 is. #3 and #7 are intriguing, but #5 is just sad.


Armagnac Esq. said...

Well there was a spate of boob-blogging by the likes of brownie, clem and ms fits a little while back, but I wasn't tempted to join in.

Despite my best efforts on the dip rack at the gym, my boy boobs are about as pumped and grecian as a pair of ... struggles with simile here... focaccias? CD covers? Oven mitts?

No, what your blog needs is a links list, so then you can swap reciprocals with people like me.

And my errant cat!

Pavlov's Cat said...

A links list -- I know, I know. I did have one, of sorts, and then I re-did the template thingy and lost it, and then I sort of lost heart.

I'm glad to say the boob-blogging was probably before my time.