Monday, July 14, 2008

Catholic Big Kahuna calls for more bonking, but not for everyone

Archbishop George Pell, today:
"There is a crisis in the Western world. No Western country is producing enough babies to keep the population stable, no Western country," he said.

23 words, and three of them are 'Western'-- that subtext should be clear enough for even the masses to get the message. Wimminz, on your backs: you owe it to your country. And you non-Western folk, stop reproducing and get back to the jungle at once.


Anonymous said...

It's good coming from a man who took a vow of celebacy.

At least Western Women are (presumably) safe from the Pell gene.

I saw some 'extreme birth control' stuff earlier, men who get vasectomies so that the womenfolk don't 'trick' them into parenthood, because they'd like to shag consequence-free. It doesn't seem to have occurred to them that their sterility is a great reassurance to women everywhere.

M-H said...

Not a word about immigration or about richer countries sharing their bounty with the poor anywhere in the speech. It's all so tired and old. You can see why they are promoting the *youth* festival.

meli said...

hmmm, that's also a big issue with my fundamentalist christian relatives. they sent me a long copiously biblically referenced email when i moved in with my bf. but last time we saw them they were complaining that Muslems actually get married before they have children, meaning their offspring will grow up in stable homes and take over the world...

Lefty E said...

Which only highlights the scandalous modern neglect of the Rennaissance popes - they walked the walk!

Anonymous said...

I can't figure out why so many people are so keen to seek moral guidance from either Ratzy, who has the personal charm of Nosferatu, or Pell, a fatuous blowhard in an ugly frock. I would think that experience and an open mind might count for more than cloistered, medieval bigotry.

But still, I do like Ratzy's smart red slippers. Molto elegante!

And get your 'annoy a Catholic' t-shirts now:

Anonymous said...

This from the Australian

But Cardinal Pell yesterday said climate change was too hard to predict. "I myself am a little bit of a sceptic, but that means I'm open to evidence," he said. "I'm a bit of a sceptic about the claim that human activity is likely to produce a man-made catastrophe.

Stephen Hill
"I'm pretty certain if you look at the figures, the temperature dropped worldwide in the last 12months, but check that for yourself," he said.


I wonder if Cardinal ExPel(l) views on climate change don't differ a little from the Catholic Church on this issue? Or is it that ExPel(l) knows knowledge of climate change might offer a different incentive to life that goes against the philosophy of popping out babies faster than you can say C-O-2.

For apparently it is important that this breeding be bred in the developed world, as focusing it in such regions will maximise our carbon foot-print (babies born in Zanzibar just don't produce enough CO2 for their buck) to the extent that in twenty years time with the description of global warming moving more towards global incineration we have something to offer the viewer that comes close to the images of Hellfire, allowing the likes of ExPel to preach how these increased temperatures is a sign of wrath and damnation of a God unhappy about the evil feminists and "culture relativists" who have not performed their duty of being the Duracell bunny of procreation (in "wedlock" of course).

And this can preaching can go on and on in one giant recursive loop allowing the likes of ExPel to indulge in their fantasizing of a world that had expurgated the history of those evil "social permissive" 1960s (and all those perfidious suffragettes before them) to return back to the basics, where a man's word ruled (except if you were one of those men molested when you were young), leading us all the way back to the primordial garden where Eve refused to eat the apple of contraception, and begat and begat and begat and begat and begat and begat and begat and begat, until Adam and Eve were drawn into such a tiresome existence that listening to the likes of ExPel(l) actually had some sort of perverse appeal.

Beth said...

Every time I'm tempted to think, "oh, people getting together and smiling is fun and exciting, go the catholics!" I hear a comment like this and become terrified/disheartened all over again.

Chris said...

I would have thought "think of Cardinal Pell" would be a great form of birth control, actually...

Ann ODyne said...

Dear Beth (above) - I am sorry this has anguished you.
Please think of the Sydney thing as
Father Ted-Fest (just guugle it),
which is held annually to commemorate all things "Craggy Island'.

I am extremely anguished over the Lateline edition of last night which had the story of the Foster girls being raped by their primary school priest in Oakleigh, Vic.
Pell's treatment of the case was sickening.
His ego is so monumental that he is Ratzy's biggest threat.