Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Pavlov's Laws: pop quiz (multiple choice)

If you're standing at the bathroom mirror putting in your earrings and you thoughtfully grab the plug so that the tiny pearl earrings won't end up down the drain and the plug is stuck to the soap and the soap is stuck to the little wooden soapdish and they all come up in your hand and then break apart in mid-air, will the object they hit on the way down and knock to the tiled bathroom floor be

(a) in a hard bottle that shatters into a million horrible little chips designed to pierce and gouge the feet of the humble blogger and the tender pink paw-pads of her feline overlordsladies?

(b) by far the most expensive thing on the ledge? (Thank God the Chanel No. 5 is in the cabinet)

(c) almost full?

(d) very, very aromatic?

(e) something that takes 20 minutes to clean up properly when you were in a tearing hurry in the first place?

or (f) all of the above?

There are no prizes.*

* Up until about 20 minutes ago, of course, I could have offered an almost-full bottle of Jurlique Pure Rosewater Freshener.**

** Note product placement with proudly South Australian brand name.***

*** Although, inexplicably, I am still waiting to hear from Haigh's, Fox Creek and whoever now makes Balfour's Frog Cakes.


Anonymous said...

If this had happened to me, I would have turned the bathroom fan on to disperse the smell, and closed the bathroom door to keep the cats out. Of course, my bathroom (like most blokes) has nothing more breakable than toothpaste on the sink.


Suse said...

I bet your bathroom smells divine now.

Mummy/Crit said...

BUgger. My first thought was that the plug/soap/soapdish combination would somehow cause the pearl ear-ring to vanish down the drain...but the Jurlique is a sad loss.

Hmm, Balfour's frog cakes.

Pavlov's Cat said...

David, I'm assuming (and forgive me if my assumption is presumptuous) that you wouldn't have needed the plug to protect your pearl earrings in the first place. Suse, yes it does indeed. Mummy/crit, would you believe 'Balfour's frog cakes' is one of the most frequent Google search terms that bring people here? (I've waxed eloquent about them several times before.)

Pen said...

I don't know about frog cakes but if they are equal quality to Haigh's and Jurlique I'm signing up.

Anonymous said...

While I don't have any pearl earrings, I do affect a couple of yin-yang studs which occasionally need replacing because they've fallen apart/dropped down the shower drain/ gone missing for some reason. Fortunately they're cheap.

As an aside, you've got no idea how hard it was to find a jeweller who'd install the first one back in 1970.


Pavlov's Cat said...

The frog cake now has a Wikipedia entry!

However, I note sadly that this item, otherwise very informative (1922, eh? Who knew?) does not mention the extravaganza I have seen more than once: a wedding cake consisting entirely of white frog cakes, arranged à la croquembouche.

lucy tartan said...

The dissected frog cake picture is excellent.

I didn't know about frog cakes. They look tasty.