Tuesday, September 19, 2006

It's not a toy

And as first the mother and then the widow of the late Jake Kovco take the stand to testify at the inquiry into his death, the country's leader of ten years responds to the newly-revealed video footage of Australian soldiers in Iraq playing silly-buggers with their deadly Army-issue guns by saying that they're just 'letting off steam' and that the media are 'overreacting'.

I wonder if the PM has ever had a good look at a gunshot wound.


comicstriphero said...

Hey PC! Lay of da miluhterry!

Don't you know our Aussie soldiers are over there in Iraq bravely tipping over portaloos for our freedom!

Anonymous said...

PC do you know many people who are/have been active in the military? I assume you don't know how mentally and physically taxing it is for a serviceman to leave his family for +6 months. The aussie soldiers are indeed ‘just letting off steam’, posing for a few pictures in action so they can send to their kids back in Aus. A little harmful fun, every single soldier I have known has taken part in.

i iz winnar.

Mindy said...

Says it all really ' a little harmful fun.'

Pavlov's Cat said...

Yep, I do love a good Freudian slip.

Anon -- I don't know many who are active in the military, but I do know one extremely well. And as someone who trains soldiers, he finds the spectacle of them playing with their guns even more appalling than I do, given the long hours he puts in trying to get it through cadets' heads that this is a really, really bad and stupid thing to do.

If you could read your way out of a paper bag, you would in any case have seen that this post is about the PM, not about the military. (Unlike CSH, who is being ironic.)

And if you think that sending your kids pictures of their daddy pointing a gun at somebody else is "fun", then u is losar, dude. Sorry.